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Girl x Curls is an innovative online company that finds products, which would be beneficial for the customer and would help them to live a better life. By applying these products into their daily lives, customers will improve the quality of their skin and hair. Girl x Curls has many years of experience working in the beauty and skin care industry. Their experience with skin and hair was developed from owning a prestigious day spa in Philadelphia LeReve Rittenhouse Day Spa.

Girl x Curls believes that the skin is the outer layer of our temple. In order to live a happy and enriching life, it's important for people to take care of their temple. Therefore the products that we sell are mostly all natural and are made with ingredients that are good for the skin. The saying holds true you are what you eat and the things that you wear on the skin. We believe that customers deserve to have products that are efficient and will produce results that are already endorsed by other consumers for effectiveness.

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about the 5-1 Hair Drying

One of the most popular items that we sell is the 5-1 hair dryer. It has a variety of uses that customers will find helpful. The 5-1 hair dryer will help bring back the luster to your hair when getting a perm. There are numerous hairstyles that can be achieved when using 5-1 hair dryer, such as curling, straightening or volumizing. The negative ions individually heat and style each hair therefore never causing damage to the hair. There are three heat modes, which allows for a variety of hairstyles. The design and efficiency of the 5-1 hair dryer is henominal. It's possible to have any hairstyle imagined within 15 minutes. It's very simple to use and anyone can easily use it.

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